A Launch into the Unknown

Join us on our mission to discover the most effective way to build products.

At Carbonology, we love building products. In fact, we love creating so much that we’re working to create a process that will enable us to build faster than ever. Each time we build, we’ll evolve our processes and timelines to make the next project even better.

And that’s our mission: we're discovering the best way to turn ideas into profitable businesses as effectively as possible.

Along the way, we’ll build products that ‘succeed’ and products that ‘fail’, but a project will be considered a success as long as we learn something that’ll make our next project better. So, failure is okay. We know all things won’t work out, and we know when it’s time to pull the plug and move on to something else. However, the lessons from those products don’t become any less valuable, and will serve as a foundation for the next product.

So, what do we build? Tech products, mostly. That’s what we’re good at. In the future, we may push into new realms to find new opportunities that challenge us and our processes. But for now, we stick to business-to-business and business-to-consumer products.

The ideas and projects we decide to build aren’t random. Each product we build will serve a purpose. Whether it be a solution to a pain-point we hit in our process, or to gain capital which can fund other projects. Nothing is random, and everything will be purpose-driven. Fueled by our failures, we hope to build a powerful ecosystem that’ll enable us to build more than ever before.

So what is Carbonology? You can think of it as a holding company for the products we build. The “home” for our businesses. It’s where our knowledge-base lives, where we teach, build, and share. A product may fail, but the lessons learned won’t disappear. Their stories and lessons learned will live here.

And that's it, thanks for reading! If you’re interested in following along, follow our Twitter here. And no, we don’t have an email newsletter…yet.